twenty​-​four +

by Solo Project

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On the 14th of August I attempted to create/record/mix a full album in only 24 hours starting at 10:15am. The six tracks on this EP became the result.

Hopefully one day I can attempt to do this again and actually record enough material to confidently call it an 'album' not an EP.

Further Notes: After finishing the backing of track six at 04:00am I decided to try sleep for three hours and then finish the vocals. However I slept past all my alarms and woke up at 11:30am. This is why the EP is called '24+' as the vocals on the last track were actually recorded past the 24 hour deadline, sad times.

I'm not sure if i would recommend this style of music making to others but I for sure want to attempt it again one day again, hopefully doing better.

Album Cover by Caitlin Isobel Warren -


released August 17, 2013




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Track Name: Wayside
Filmed at a waterhole, I don't know why
Filmed at a station, no alibi
Hidden down wayside, feeling low and dry
Don't you know why

Feeling underwhelmed and holding my breath
Chewing on some distant success
Holding my hair and twisting it with my fingers
I don't understand what you want from me

Holding down, feeling nothing at all
Can you help me? Help me feel more tall
Sitting wayside, I don't know what you want
Stop looking at me, stop it I don't want it

Walking feeling nothing at all, feeling underwhelmed and holding onto
Some distant, Oh I don't know why, Feeling underwhelmed and no alibi
Sitting on the couch doing nothing at all
Can you help me? Help me feel more tall
Track Name: Follow Me (Feat. Aidan Hogan)
Smile at the boy, who looks most insecure
Open up his old wounds, so you can heal yours
When you're buying drinks, you see him look again
Break his heart by seventeen, by going home with his friend.

Follow me, follow me back home. x2

Wake up in the wrong bed, next to the wrong guy
This is whats it's become, goodbye Mr.Right
Get home, mums alone, regret in your eyes
You're so very slow, to list the reasons why.

Follow me, follow me back home. x2
Track Name: Slippin' Away
Oh I feel ya slippin' away, oh what should I say?

Take my hand if you need it
Talk to me if you need it
Take my hand if you need
Talk to me if you want.

Oh I feel feel ya slippin' away, oh what should I say?
Track Name: Psychedelic Blues
Rain or snow
Where I go?
Hold my peace
Sir, yes please.

Yes or no?
Should I go?

Your heads in the clouds
oh you can't hear now
oh you don't want to stop for no one

Oh it's so you. Psychedelic blues.
Track Name: My Type
It's amazing just to say that you even remembered my name
And how lucky I am today, that things ended up this.

You're just my type, you're my cup of tea.
Track Name: Free Your Mind
Content in the mind
Sing loud if you're fine
Live you're life

Content in your life
Sing loud if you're fine
Free your mind

Holding out for a good day
too many bad ones clouding my memory